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Sarah intervenes when she realizes what's been going on with Amber and Drew. 

A boy band hears Ashes of Rome and wants them to tour with them. 

Julia runs into Ed and asks for help with spreadsheets for the charter school and he asks her to dinner at his place. She agrees.

Drew is annoyed at Berto when he goes back to his dorm and discovers that his side of the room has been compromised.

Hank is still asking his therapist (Dr. Pelican?!) about Sarah and how to talk to her and Dr. P. says Hank owes her an apology for moving to Minnesota.

Julia is kind of excited about her date with Ed because he's the only person who has made her happy this year. Kristina just tells her to be careful since she's still married and she doesn't want to do something she can't take back.

For some reason Crosby and Jasmine thought they were moving back home only to learn they essentially had no floors.

Julia meets Evan Knight at Kristina and Adam's. She wants a page from him about his teaching philosophy and for him to make it flowery.

Oliver is, of course, unhappy about the opportunity to open for 4D. 

Hank tells Sarah he doesn't owe her an apology, right? She kind of disagrees and he apologizes and she seems happy.

Julia (the scary lawyer) decides that Evan needs to be headmaster. He's not sure he wants to be the headmaster, but she is very persuasive and he seems taken with her.

Hank doesn't want to be open with Sarah because she might not feel the same way.

Julia gets ready for her date and decides to leave her wedding ring behind.

Ed tells Julia it's been great to see her excited about working again. He also has a third interview and she was the first person he wanted to tell. Julia's not ready for that type of news, however, and leaves.

Berto tells Drew to chug beers and tell him everything he hates about him so they can be friends again. It seems to work.

After everything, Camille gets cold feet and Zeek is the one to prop her up about the move. She doesn't want to throw anything away because it all has sentimental value and worries they'll never find a place as great as they already have.

Crosby wants a hard wood floor loan from The Luncheonette but they don't have the money. 

Berto tells Drew he might have helped mess things up with Natalie, but a lot of it is on Drew himself.

Hank tells Sarah he sees a beautiful woman who he didn't completely push away and it gives him hope and makes him want to change and then he leaves her speechless.

Zeek finds a Victorian that has a view out the back that is reminiscent of the views in Italy. 

Evan and Julia hang together at the album release party. 4D tells Oliver they are only giving the fans what they want, that they really want to sound like them, they don't have sex with all the older girls in their 20s and they're saving themselves for marriage. Oliver decides a tour is a great idea.

Julia takes Evan home.


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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

4D! Do you know how huge they are? 4D are you kidding me? And I'm movin' out of mom and dad's today. I gotta play the lottery!


Hank: So you're saying it's Asperger's fault. Do I have every right to be mad at Asperger's?
Dr. Pelican: Yes, you do.