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Amber and Ryan choose the spot for their wedding.

The girl Drew likes declares him her best college friend.

Adam feels uncomfortable asking his clients for donations in Kristina's election campaign.

Crosby is in an uncomfortable situation between a producer and a musical group at the Luncheonette.

Adam teaches Drew about Joni Mitchell and girls.

Sarah and Amber talk about the wedding, and it causes tension.

Ryan tells Amber why his family won't be attending the wedding.

To get Julia's kids closer, he has them working on his engine.

Adam and Kristina both fail in their efforts to get money from donors.

Victor's reading skills are not improving.

Adam wants to start their own label.

Drew admits he pretended to like Joni Mitchell to impress the girl.

Julia confides in Zeek how she's feeling about Victor and his reading.

Kristina feels wrong accepting a large donation from someone with whom she disagrees philosophically.

Sarah offers up the Braverman compound as a wedding location for Amber and Ryan.

Sarah and Amber clash over their thoughts about Amber's future.

Zeek decides to use the car engine to boost Victor's confidence and help him to read.

Adam asks Mr. Ray for a donation and learns something new about his old client, and gets the donation.



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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Adam: This is an album, right here, OK? Joni knows how to lift you up and tear you down all at once. We're gonna have to skip the song right after this one 'cause it makes me cry.
Drew: Really?
Adam: Yeah.

Of course you're not gonna ask him for a thousand dollars. A guy like that? You're gonna ask him for a lot more.