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Camille comes home from Italy but not everyone is happy to have her back. 

Joel works long hours to avoid issues at home.

Amber finds one of Ryan's shirt while getting laundry ready.

Julia wakes up and Joel is already gone. He comes home after Julia has cooked breakfast with doughnuts.

Hank shows up at The Luncheonette and gives Adam a photo he shot of Bob Dylan. He also asks for the name of Max's Asperger's doctor.

Amy still hasn't told her parents she didn't go back to Tuft's.

Camille comes home to a welcome home party, but she doesn't seem happy to be back.

Amber calls off sick from work as she appears to be driving on the coastal highway.

Adam tells Kristina about Hank and the idea that Max could turn out like him seems like a bright future for Max.

Adam takes the Dylan print to Hank to get framed and asks him if he plays poker.

Amber lies to Sarah about where she is, and then tells her she's at the beach. She said she needs to be alone. 

Julia asks Joel where he slept the other night and he says he didn't make the mess. He says he went to the trailer and got drunk and passed out.

Camille goes to an exhibit with a friend she met on the trip on her first day back.

Hank visits with the doctor and explains his behavior in the best terms possible. The doctor doesn't know if he has it, and Hank doesn't know if he wants to know more or not.

Natalie asks Drew if he's going on an astronomy trip and makes fun of him hanging with his high school girlfriend.

Crosby isn't happy about Adam asking Hank to play poker.

Amber continues her drive, but she had a destination in mind. She's drinking out of a flask in her car and her father is outside.

Zeek takes Camille out to dinner to a swanky Italian restaurant.

Amy tells Drew she doesn't want to go back to school because she started feeling scary alone and he's the only person who can pull her out of that place.

Julia goes to Sarah's to talk about Joel and she tells him about the kiss. Sarah doesn't think it's irreparable because Julia didn't pull away from a kiss a half a second sooner. 

Amber is drunk in a bar and is being hit on by a fellow she doesn't want to talk to, so she tries to move away from him. She gets into a fight and throws a drink in his face. Seth runs after Amber and she finally breaks. She's not worried she was going to marry a man like her father, but rather that she is just like him.

Camille tells Zeek that she wants to take another trip with the group, to France, in three months. She knows he doesn't want to sell the house, but she's not willing to give up her dream. She's even willing to take a part time job to cover the cost of most of her trip.

Seth calls Sarah and asks if he can have the opportunity to be Amber's father.

The poker game falls to crap when Hank tries to get people to play by some rules.

Hank tells Adam about visiting the doctor and Adam said he never noticed anything, but acts interested. Hank tells him, jump ball.

Joel tells Julia he's moving out and he'll be looking for a place tomorrow.

Amber wakes up and apologizes to her father. He tells her she's not him, because she would have left without saying goodbye. She can never be like her because she has her mother in her.

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

I guess I want to know if there's a reason why I've been blowing it with the person I care about most in my life.


Camille: You really missed me, huh?
Zeek: You're tellin' me.
Camille: I missed you, too.