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Julia gets support from her siblings in the wake of her marital issues. 

Joel shows up to get the kids and barely speaks to Julia.

Crosby greets the real estate agent at the door and is surprised to learn that the house is on the market.

Amy is still staying with Drew and even accompanies him to classes.

Victor and Sydney try to acclimate to Joel's apartment.

Adam and Kristina are at a spa weekend but he finds time to check in on Julia.

Sarah and Hank look at the photos and their vision clearly clashes.

Natalie asks if Amy is living with him.

Carl tells Sarah he may be falling for her and she looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

Julia sleeps in Sydney's bed.

Hank sabotaged Sarah's work while she was out with Carl. Photos that Carl remarked on while they were having dinner.

Zeek tries to explain to Crosby why he's agreed to sell the house.

After Adam and Kristina climb the summit of a hill near their mountain cabin, they agree to head home to be there for Julia.

Hank goes to the doctor because he's not communicating with Sarah and he's still trying learn even as he doesn't follow the clues with the doctor. He asks for specific words to use with Sarah to make things right.

Joel tells the kids they're with him every weekend and Sydney isn't happy about it. 

Sydney told Joel she no longer uses the rainbow loom because she's older but when they were eating, she was clearly wearing them.

Hank tells Sarah he's seeing someone about Asperger's when she wonders why it sounds like he's reciting something. 

Drew suggests Amy talk to her parents about everything that is making her unhappy.

Sarah and Crosby barge in on Julia with wine and food and change her depressing music before they tell each other they're better siblings than they ever thought. Adam pops in next and Julia wants to cry when she realizes they all showed up on their own to check on her.

Adam feels the fever -- dance fever.

Drew drives Amy to her parents house where he coaches her how to start the conversation with them.

Zeek and Camille roast marshmallows with half of their grandkids.

While Joel is asleep Victor takes his cell phone to talk about his bad dream about the elevator. He falls asleep to the sound of her voice.




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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

I like that you, I don't know, think about your family here. Think about your sister. And that you have no idea how beautiful you are or how funny. Oh my gosh. I sound like I may be falling for you. I guess that's why we're here. Beer anybody?


What? Our whole history is in this house. You can't just sell it out from under us and act like it's not a big decision.