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Julia learns upsetting news about Joel.

Jasmine and Crosby find they are at a crossroads about raising Aida. 

Renee wants Crosby and Jasmine to baptize Aida even though they don't feel comfortable doing it when they aren't in their own place.

Drew finds Natalie sleeping with Berto.

Max is out of control at the studio when Sarah and Hank are trying to work.

Crosby talks to Joel about stepping back as Aida's godfather. 

Crosby and Julia watch their kids working with Zeek on the car and Crosby tells Julia about Joel stepping back. She's sad that Joel didn't even ask about her.

Kristina is pissed with Sarah because of the way she brought Max home and dropped him off.

Crosby gets boozy out on the porch and Camille comes out to talk to him about selling the house. 

Camille would like to throw a dinner for Aida's baptism because the family could use a celebration.

Julia calls Joel to ask why he's not fighting to be Aida's godfather, 

Sarah thinks it's time Max be treated like an adult.

Crosby asks Adam to be Aida's godfather, but he doesn't know Joel was the first choice.

Drew and Amber talk in the same room but have two different conversations.

Sydney and Victor want to know when the break is going to be over and when daddy is going to come home.

Amber and Drew get drunk and high before Aida's baptism dinner.

The baptismal dinner falls apart as the house sale comes up, Adam mentions being runner up in the godfather race but at least he can do that since he's such a horrible parent, and Sarah says she didn't mean that and Kristina says her kids are baked and it goes around the table until Julia apologizes for not keeping her marriage together long enough to let the baptism take place.

Zeek goes to visit Joel and tells him when he walked Julia down the aisle he delivered his daughter to him and he was proud and sure he did the right thing and to get it together.

Hank tells Sarah that everyone feels about Max finding about photography like she does about finding it.

Drew and Amber decide to live together for support for a while.

Joel shows up to the baptism, but his smile is for Zeek.



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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Add a dinner to the Aida weekend and let the festivities begin.


Crosby: I really hope you guys can, you know can, find your way back. I know it's none of my business, but I just, you know, we love having you in our family and..I'm sorry, you know.
Joel: Thanks buddy. Thank you. Thank you. I completely get it. You know, I don't... I don't need to be the godfather.