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Jasmine tells Crosby that he's going to have to give up his car to get a minivan.
Ryan tells Amber that if a big wedding is stressing her out they should just elope.
While looking at condos, Camille realizes how miserable the idea makes Zeek.
Kristina practices her speech, but Heather is not impressed with her 
Crosby hoped to a find a kind ear in Adam, but Adam was on Jasmine's side with the minivan.
Julia, Sydney and Victor canvas at Ed's house.
Amber visits Drew at school and tells him that she and Ryan want him to be their special witness at City Hall, but he can't do it if Sarah isn't going to be a part of it.
Zeek decides to build Camille a fire pit like the one they saw at a condo they visited.
Camille and Sarah talk about how similar Sarah's situation marrying Seth was to Amber marrying Ryan, and that she wishes she had never said anything to her that pushed her away for years.
Crosby gets drunk with Ashes of Rome and calls Jasmine to pick him up.
Ed's wife comes home while they're all eating dinner at his house.
Ashes of Rome loves the minivan and tells Crosby he has the coolest wife ever.
Joel fixes dinner and thanks Julia for everything she has been doing.
During the Mayoral debate, Kristina is too polite, but when a woman speaks up about her child with special needs and the Berkeley school system, Kristina decides to use Max's situation to her benefit.
Camille decides to go to Italy with her art class for a month.
Kristina wins the debate.
Sarah and Amber reconcile.
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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

You think that the two cars we're going to own are a VW Bug and a minivan? And what will I drive to work? You know I work with musicians at a recording studio and I'm going to show up in either a little tiny vagina or a humongous vagina?


Crosby: You say minivan, I hear vagina. That's what I hear.
Jasmine: OK. Well, we're goin' vagina shoppin' tomorrow. So, sorry about that.