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Max has trouble understanding his classmates on a field trip. 

Amber tries to get Drew to take control of his life. He doesn't want to go to classes he shares with Natalie, which are all but one. 

Max doesn't want Kristina to chaperone his school trip.

Joel is at the wrong ball field waiting for Victor. It makes him very upset that he'll always be forgotten.

The realtor finds a motivated couple who wants to buy the Braverman house, but they might want to gut it and it upsets Zeek.

Max is going on the trip with Mr. Knight.

Joel gets Victor a cell phone to make him feel more comfortable.

Natalie tells off Drew for being angry because he dropped everything when Amy came to town.

Sarah is very antsy because nobody called about the proposal they sent and she stops by Hank's to ramble.

Joel doesn't handle the Victor issue very well with Julia.

Drew just wants to smoke weed and be sad.

Sarah is complaining and worried again and Hank rubs her shoulders and she tells him they're just friends. She doesn't quite understand and he tells her he can't be there for her anymore. It's too hard.

The couple puts in an offer, all cash, under the asking price and Zeek wonders why they didn't get the full ask and wants to wait.

Max freaks out on his field trip and won't stand up in the lobby. Mr. Knight asks Kristina to come get him.

When Sydney finally breaks and blames Victor for her family's issues, Julia lashes out and physically grabs her and takes her to her room.

Mr. Knight sits with Max and tries to get him to open up, but he never does and walks away with Kristina when they arrive.

Zeek and Camille discuss what to do about the offer. Zeek wants whatever Millie wants. She wants to wait. 

Max finally tells Kristina and Adam what happened. A kid peed in his canteen. He doesn't understand why everyone hates him, especially if he has Asperger's which is supposed to make him smart.

Hank shows up at Kristina's meeting for moral support.

Amber goes home and finds Drew playing the guitar and singing a song. She asks him to play it for her and she'll join in with him.

Victor tells Joel to take the phone back in case it might make Julia stop being mad at him. Joel tells Victor they'll always love him.

After the meeting Sarah runs into Hank's arms.

The realtor comes back because after Zeek and Camille turned down the offer the couple upped their offer over asking and sets a record for the neighborhood.

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Joel: You should have just seen him, Julia, he's melting down in front of me and I feel like all these abandonment issues are coming back and...
Julia: Because you moved out.

Alright, I'm sad. I'm sad about Amy and I want to smoke week and write bad songs.