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Julia and Joel must deal with the adverse effects their separation has had on their children. Crosby heads off to deal with Oliver and Sarah tries to find a way to deal with Sandy and Ruby. 

Hank gets a text and jumps out of bed, totally freaked out. He lies about a cleaning lady coming and he tries to push Sandy out the door. Sarah appears in the bedroom door wearing Hank's shirt.

Crosby shares his motorcycle "spill" with Jasmine after Jabbar jumps on his ribs. 

Dylan is a new student at the Chambers Academy.

Zeek goes home. He's in massive pain. Adam is there to help bring him in and he doesn't want the fuss. The steps look about 6000 flights high in Zeek's eyes.

Adam is freaked out about Oliver Rome. He says it's on Crosby.

Joel and Julia take their kid over to apologize to the kid who she supposedly bullied. That didn't' go very wel.

It's the first time Max isn't eating alone here, because he's with the new girl. Kristina is a little freaked. She's abrupt and all that stuff... just like Max.

Sandy goes to Hank's shop and Sarah is there. Sarah tries to reach out to Sandy but it doesn't go over well. Sandy is pretty sure she made it clear that spending time with Hank wasn't supposed to include spending time with Sarah. 

Dylan likes calling Max Asperger's and freak. This doesn't upset Max at all. In fact, they have a lot in common such as sticking it to the man.

Sarah tells Hank about her nice little chat with Sandy. Hank can't talk to his ex. She rules him, essentially, and this upsets Sarah.

Joel and Julia talk about giving the kids some clarity. To Julia that means telling them they're not getting back together.

Kristina gets upset when she hears Dylan call Max Asperger's. Their chat doesn't go well.

Jasmine goes to see Zeek with Aida and Jabbar. Zeek tries to ring Jabbar into the iced tea game, but Camille puts a stop to that.

Crosby is driving to the healing center. Apparently they don't talk there. Crosby checks into the zen place to catch up with Oliver.

Refusing help causes Zeek to crack his head on the coffee table. He just wants to take a piss.

Crosby is totally pissed to learn he spent the night with Oliver who had already signed with someone else.

Hank tries to talk to Sandy. He has a really hard time, but he tells her Sarah is important to him and surprise -- Sandy accepts it.

Zeek tells Julia the only way not to screw kids up is not to have them, and what a shame that would be.

Camille thought the hard part was going to be keeping him down. Now she thinks he's afraid to try. Kristina had a look on her face making us think she has a plan.

When Adam wants to talk, Max wants to know what to do when you like a girl.

Joel shows up at the house while Julia and the kids are eating dinner. Sydney gets the talk. Julia says they don't have an answer right now, so they can't give her one.

Crosby gets home and takes off on his motorcycle in the dark. No helmet.

Kristina shows up at Zeeks and has a chat with him. The cancer card works and he goes on a walk with her.

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Zeek: Why the hell would I want to walk around the couch?
Camille: Well, because you gotta start movin'!
Zeek: If you want to run around here, you knock yourself out, you go right ahead, but just duck when you go by the TV.

Well if they were broken there would be like shards and stabbing my lungs!