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Max wages a propaganda war against another student while Jasmine decides to get another job and Ruby abuses her father's trust. 

Nora has grown up so much. Max wants to ask Dylan on a date outside the house because he thinks he's falling into the friend zone and that's not a zone he wants to be in.

Jasmine is going to get a job as a file clerk for THIRTY DOLLARS AND HOUR! I'm currently packing my bags for California.

Max finds Dylan in the kitchen at Chambers -- kissing someone! He barges in to tell Kristina to expel Aaron Brownstein. Yep, it's another episode titled around Max's actions.

Jasmine's mom is worried about Jasmine because she took the job. 

Crosby and Amber listen to two women singing about cats and Drew admits he's taking econ.

Max starts a fight with Aaron Brownstein, and doesn't stop, even pushing Kristina in the chest.

Kristina calls Max buddy a lot and then lets him off the hook.

Crosby rocks out to the Ramones when Amber comes in to tell him they got a toothpaste commercial -- at the reduce raaaaate!

Hank calls to check in on Ruby. She promises she's not going to have any people over and when she hangs up, keg is coming in the front door.

Jasmine's mom is a bit condescending to Crosby over his dreams and being a real estate agent.

There's a keg and drug paraphernalia in the house and Hank calls Sandy. Since Hank can't do it himself, she says she's driving home.

Dylan goes to Kristina's to talk. She tells Kristina that she's never going to like Max like that, and Kristina understands. Max walks in, telling Dylan they aren't friends.

Hank gets the balls to break up the party.

Crosby and Jasmine fight over her emasculating him in front of her mother.

Ruby is freaking out that her mom knows and then tells Hank she hates him.

Crosby gets caught trying to take some "leaf" into the club and is stopped. Meanwhile, Amber starts to have contractions or something.

Amber had Braxton Hicks contractions. He tries to lay it on the line for Amber. She begs him not to walk away, but he reminds her she's about to learn what it means to be responsible for other people and he's not going down with the ship.

Max presents Dylan with arguments about why he's better than Aaron and unrolls a giant poste her made of horses and her as a grand romantic gesture.

As he screams that he loves her Dylan has to scream back that she doesn't and never will love him.

Kristina somehow spins his stalking behavior into something beautiful in her eyes.

Amber tries to express to Drew that she doesn't want him to study things he doesn't enjoy because he thinks he needs to take care of her problems.

Hank decides to teach Ruby how to play poker. She makes a joke about his poker face.

Crosby apologizes to Jasmine for her need to take up a job that she isn't passionate about. They agree they'll provide for their family and grab at their dreams when they get time.

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Singer 1: Does your cat like his food?
Singer 2: Or does he push it away with his little paw and act really rude?
Singers: Meow, meow, meow, that's a sound of a hungry cat...

Max has a girlfriend!