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Camille, Sarah and Amber are planning the wedding at Amber's. Camille doesn't think it's a good place to raise Zeek.

While Adam is on the phone about a job, Max rudely interrupts demanding he must hang up the phone. He is going to be the sole photographer at the wedding.

Julia gets a phone call during dinner. Victor's social worker wants to see them in person tomorrow.

Hank asks Zeek for Sarah's hand in marriage. He tells Zeek he has Aspergers because he wants to lay the cards on the table. Zeek shares with Hank that Sarah never went after material possessions. She always loved unconditionally. She gives her heart freely and it's his hope Hank would love her forever and take care of her.

When Zeek asks what the rusk to wed is, he realizes it's him.

Crosby and Jasmine go to see Amber and baby Zeek, bearing gifts. They haven't told her there is no more work. Crosby throws Adam under the bus and gives Amber her severance pay. Crosby goes to the empty Luncheonette. Adam is there and he wants Crosby to sign the dissolution papers. They argue.

At the wedding location, Kristina and Max argue over whether he will wear a suit. 

Joel and Julia meet with the social worker. Victor's mother had a baby girl. The father is different, but she's giving her up for adoption and the mother thought of them first.

Hank asks Drew to be his best man.

Adam is teaching cooking class, teaching people how to chop onions without crying. Introducing the onion goggles. Crosby walks in on him and smiles, realizing Adam has found his passion. He slips him the dissolution papers.

Sarah shares photos of baby Zeek with Zeek. He takes after his great grandfather, he can go to sleep anywhere any time.

Zeek thinks Hank is the one. He's the only one who ever asked. Not even Joel did that. Sarah admits she would have never found him if Zeek hadn't allowed her to come home and stay with them for a while. Has he been a good father? The very best.

It's the wedding day. Everybody looks beautiful. Hank tells Max to get in there and get all that joy. All that crap is good. 

Zeek doesn't understand why Crosby isn't continuing to work at The Luncheonette by himself. He's more than capable. 

Haddie wants to talk to Max. 

The wedding is beautiful. Photos make viewers cry.

Crosby and Jasmine decide he'll run the Luncheonette himself.

Zeek and Camille want their third act to be them helping Amber raising Zeek. They ask her to move in. 

Crosby talks to Adam about keeping the Luncheonette open. Adam approves and Crosby hopes he find a job that makes him as happy as he was teaching the kids.

Hank cannot believe he was crazy happy like he was.

Joel and Julia decide to adopt Victor's sister.

Max dances with a girl to Maybe I'm Amazed. Good Lord. The music for the finale alone makes me weep. 

Kristina offers Adam her job. She's been offered a job with a non-profit opening more schools. 

After everyone is settled, Zeek dies in the living room while taking a nap. 

The family gathers on a baseball diamond to scatter Zeek's ashes and as they play the game he loves, a montage takes us through some of their lives more seminal moments as children grow up, find love, graduate from high school and lead happy lives.

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Zeek: Have I ever told you that you're my favorite?
Sarah: Daaaaad. Come on!
Zeek: I think instinctively you must know.
Sarah: I mean, it's like...
Zeek: I mean you've gotten away with everything!
Sarah: [laughs] Dad, you don't have to say that.
Zeek: You're my little girl.

Hank: How do you want to wrap this up? Is this like a hug thing?
Drew: I think so, yeah.