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Amber tests her maternal skills but finds herself calling Sarah for help while Joel and Julia take a serious look at their relationship. 

Amber is watching Adam's kids for the week. It's kind of like an introduction to parenthood.

Drew takes Zeek to Oakland to go to Big Top Burgers. Drew can't have Zeek eating this stuff. He won't let Zeek get a milkshake or anything.

Hank is lending Max a camera. He lays down the law on whether he can use it on the water. He cannot. Max is not comfortable that his caretaker will be able to ensure he delivers the camera back in a timely manner. Max has never required a ride to Hank's before.

Ruby comes in demanding to transfer schools. She's so dramatic. She's in tears. Sarah asks what his name is. 

Julia and Joel are seeing a mediator. It's time to talk about the house. Julia thinks the fairest thing to do is to sell the house and split it. It's a good market. He gives her the house. They share an elevator down and clasp hands. They cry and embrace and part at the end of the ride.

Seek is studying with Natalie when he's summoned by Zeek again for another adventure. It will only take 6 hours.

Amber cannot find the keys to get the kids to the ferry to take them to Alcatraz. They're going to take her car instead. Max doesn't think anything is on his list of responsibilities.

Sarah and Ruby are watching Fast Times of Ridgemont High when Sandy comes by. Sarah tells her she's in a mood because of Jake, the cool guy. Sandy is angry that she showed Ruby Fast Times. They do share a moment, however, when Hank walks out under pressure.

Julia goes to see Joel. She wants him to be reasonable about the house. He doesn't see it as an asset. It's the family home. Julia leaves in tears.

Hank goes to get the camera from Max. Amber answers the door in tears. Max is pacing the floor over the scheduling issue. Hank decides to stay and be worked up together.

Zeek took Drew to what used to be an empty lot to shoot a gun. Drew freaks out.

Sarah is angry that Hank left and doesn't understand the situation with Sandy wasn't about a movie, but about her bonding with Ruby. She was even more surprised to learn Amber was crying and Hank didn't even think to ask why.

Natalie and Drew are in the car. She laughs at Zeek's big trip with grandpa.

Sarah finds Max eating whatever he wants and watching Chucky. Amber is upstairs, in bed with Nora. Sarah tells Amber going to Alcatraz was a big plan with a little one and Max. She assures Amber she can do this.

Chris goes to pick up Julia. She just got her divorce papers today, but she's fine. Chris doesn't want to push her. It's OK if she wants to be alone, he'd understand. Instead she invites him in because there's no reason any more for him not to.

Chris is surprised that Julia got the house. She's shocked to be there, in the middle of new memories. Chris cheers her to new memories and then calls it a night.

Hank is so horrible at talking with women it's not even amusing. He finally tells Sandy that he's seeing a guy about the possibility he has Asperger's. He says it's not a question, it's a slam dunk. She doesn't know what to say.

Joel's hanging out with Zeek. He's saying goodbye. He's going to miss Zeek and his family. Zeek was a role model. Zeek tells Joel to fight for Julia. 

Sarah and Hank are playing backgammon. Sandy comes by to pick up Ruby. Sandy wants to steal Hank for a family day. Hank is happy to be invited back to his old family.

Drew takes Zeek to shoot. He even had the place set up cans, even though they're messy.Zeek suggests he handle the gun like it's dangerous, like a beautiful woman. All the video games must have paid off. Drew is a crack shot.

Joel goes to Julia's a year too late, to fight for their marriage.

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

It's not an asset, it's a home. And it kills me to work away from it, but I hurt you and I own that. I get that. So I don't want the house. If I can't have you in it, I don't want it.


How can you have a car that is incapable of transporting children if you are about to have a child?! You are going to be the worst mother in history!