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On Parenthood Seasoon 6 Episode 4 the drama ticks down a little after Zeek's big surgery. He has no desire to get his butt off of the couch, but who would when there is a John Wayne marathon on? Seriously, they should have scheduled his surgery differently. Kristina brings a new girl to the Chambers Academy and she is a pistol. Her name is Dylan and she calls Max Aspergers and Freak. To her they are terms of endearment or something. Sydney is forced to tell another little girl she is sorry when she really is not and it doesn't go over all that well. She wants to know what is up with her parents, but they are not ready to commit to anything just yet. Crosby goes to find Oliver Rome at a zen retreat and there is a touch of comic relief, until we learn that Oliver signed with another label. Hank has to confront his ex wife Sandy about Sarah. He wants Sarah in his life, but Sandy doesn't want Sarah in Ruby's life. That's not going to work. Can Hank bring it all home? Does Zeek get off the couch? Find out when you watch Parenthood online.

Episode Details

Crosby works to avoid a crisis at work. Sarah tries to understand Sandy and Ruby, while Joel and Julia worry that their separation has had consequences for their children on Parenthood.

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 (17 Votes)
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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Zeek: Why the hell would I want to walk around the couch?
Camille: Well, because you gotta start movin'!
Zeek: If you want to run around here, you knock yourself out, you go right ahead, but just duck when you go by the TV.

Well if they were broken there would be like shards and stabbing my lungs!