If you want to watch Parenthood online, we have Parenthood Season 6 Episode 3 all lined up for you. Find out what happens during Zeek's surgery.

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When you watch Parenthood Season 6 Episode 3 online you will see a family struggling with the finality of life when their patriarch needs open heart surgery. There are new relationships, new reveals about pregnancy and trips across the country as the various family members discover that the end of life could really be much closer than they were anticipating. Julia has a new boyfriend and he's incredibly thoughtful and caring. What will that mean for Joel? Sarah is being more of a parent to Hank's daughter than he is and it causes a lot of problems with his ex-wife, Sandy. Sandy keeps trying to tell him that their daughter is out of control, but he doesn't hear it. Will he finally hear it when Sarah shares some disturbing news with him about Ruby? Find out all about it when you watch Parenthood online via TV Fanatic.

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Everyone waits for news about Zeek, Amber faces her future and Josh and Julia discuss the status of their relationship on Parenthood.

Rating: 3.8 / 5.0 (21 Votes)
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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Amber: And you, with what you're going through, I know it's scary, but you're going to get through it with such strength because of how strong you are and we all get our strength from you, so you're going to be totally fine. It's going to be OK.
Zeek: I wish you were my doctor. Oh Amber. You are an amazing girl, sweetheart.

Zeek: Oh no, sweetheart. I'm gonna be there to see this child born, OK. I'm going to hold him or her in my arms. I promise. So you keep the picture.
Amber: OK.
Zeek: And you show it to Ryan.