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It's Valentine's Day, or Galentine's Day as Leslie likes to declare it when her and the girls go out for breakfast.  She has her mother (Pamela Reed) recount her great love story about an old flame.  Leslie and Justin (Justin Theroux) decide to try and reunite them on V-Day, and Justin does a little research and locates Frank (John Larroquette).   Frank turns out to be a loser, having never gone from being a lifeguard to a lawyer.  Instead he got a job at a grocery store and is now unemployed.  Justin, despite Leslie's wishes, still wants to re-unite them and brings him to the Pawnee senior V-Day dance.  There, Frank and his delusional pitiful self gets rejected by Leslie's mother, but not before making Leslie realize what an ass Justin is for still pushing.  Ron puts it best when he declares Justin a tourist, in it for the stories.  They end up breaking up and Justin has to have a talk with Tom as the divorced kid of the relationship.

Meanwhile, Andy is set to play for the senior dance, but is nervous when he doesn't know how to gauge the audience's reaction without them flashing him.  However, when an old lady tells him he reminds her of an old Dean Martin (who?), he declares that the senior citizen version of flashing.  Witnessing the whole thing is April, who clearly is into Andy.  She ends up breaking up with her gay boyfriends who keep cracking old people jokes and making fun of Andy.  Of note, Ann, whose perfect relationship on paper boyfriend Mark got her generic V-Day gifts, definitely gets jealous when she sees April into Andy.

In our third potential relationship, Tom declares his love to Wendy, only to be rejected and told they're just friends.  He blackmails her by sueing for alimony and offering to drop the case if she goes on three dates with him.  She, rightfully so, is infuriasted.  At the end the two seem to patch things up and hug, but we don't get to hear the dialogue.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

It's the most romantic story ever. It makes The Notebook look like Saw V.


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