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Leslie tries to drum up some publicity for the Pawnee Zoo by marrying its two penguins in a faux ceremony.

But after the penguins begin to copulate during the ceremony, it's discovered that both are male.

Through no fault of her own, Leslie has become an unintentional gay marriage advocate.

At first, she's reluctant to embrace the role, but this is Leslie. She secretly loves the attention.

A trip to the local gay bar results in more awkwardness and apprehension, plus a lot of shots.

This lands Leslie on the local talk show, Pawnee Today, the following day to explain herself.

She stands tall and refuses to resign, despite calls from irate callers that she do so.

Gay penguin pride forever!

Elsewhere, Leslie's pal Ann gets asked out by Mark, and Andy also tries to win her back. No dice.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ron: Okay, here's the situation.
Leslie: Your parents went away on a week's vacation and left the keys to the brand new Porsche? I'll just take it for a little spin and maybe show it off to a couple of friends. That's when I saw this beautiful girlie girl walking. I picked up my car phone to perpetrate like I was talking. this girl's hand was steadily moving up my thigh. She had opened up three buttons on her shirt so far. I guess that's why I didn't notice that police car. Well parents are the same no matter time nor place, so to you other kids all across the land, no need to worry, parents just don't understand!
Ron: Someone is on fire in Ramsett Park. They need you to get down there right away.

People in this town don't really like their government officials being activists. Last year a garbageman was suspended for wearing a Livestrong bracelet.