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With the pit now filled, the Parks and Recreationd department is ready to move forward with their plans for Lot 42 until Leslie finds out the Library is making a bid for the spot.  When Leslie finds out Ron's ex-wife, Tammy (played by his real life wife, Megan Mullally), is in charge of the project, she tries to send Ron in against his wishes.  Turns out Ron was ride because she quickly controls him via sex.

Meanwhile, Andy takes over as the shoeshiner at the office in an attempt to win back Ann.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Leslie: April, stop that. Who are you texting?
April: You.
Leslie: Aww, she's texting me... I'm sorry you're bored.

Old Gus: Well I've been listening to your boring speeches for the last 50 years. And now it's time for you to listen to one of mine. You know a day like this makes a man reflect upon his life. And I've come to the conclusion that I've completely wasted mine. And just for the record, I never ever liked being called "Old Gus." I didn't understand it when I was in my 20s and I sure hate it now. So go to hell every single one of ya. Screw Pawnee, and screw your damn shoes!
Andy [laughing]: Oh, Gus. That's classic.