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April, Leslie and Chris are three of the town residents to come down with the flu this week - and the results for each are hilarious.

First, April's absence means Ron needs someone to answer his phones. Enter Andy. He does a terrible job, but Ron doesn't care, of course. He actually loves it, and ends up bonding with Andy over barbecue and football. Guy stuff. He also ends up telling him that April is hospitalized, which leads to a sweet concluding scene in which Andy tells (what he thinks is a sleeping) April that he's sorry he messed up and he still likes her.

Elsewhere in this storyline, Ann gets sick of April giving her a hard time for the Andy kiss and finally snaps, telling her off. This, naturally makes April respect her more.

Meanwhile, Ann is happy dating Chris except for one problem: He's too perfect! Fortunately, this changes when he gets sick and she sees the physical toll the flu takes on him.

As for Leslie, she can't handle the thought of Ben talking to the town's business owners about the Harvest Festival. So she downs a ton of medicine and joins him for the meeting, as loopy as one can imagine. Incredibly, though, she gets it all together and gives an amazing presentation, which results in two things: 110 companies signing up to participate, and Ben developing feelings for her.

He and Chris even agrees to stay on longer in Pawnee, despite being needed elsewhere, because they both clearly have crushes.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

J.J.: Sure, anything for my favorite customer.
Leslie: I bet you say that to all the girls.
J.J.: Oh no, no. Actually you are my favorite. You've spent over a thousand dollars last year on waffles alone.

April: Then I want a janitor. They can do what you do, right?
Ann: Yep, nurses and janitors are totally interchangeable.
April: Except no one dresses up like a janitor when they want to be slutty.