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The Pawnee government gives Leslie and the Parks enough of a budget to come back... on maintenance mode.  Leslie forces Ann to go on a date with Chris to try and get him to reinstate their old budget.  Leslie and Ben manage to crash their date, and just as they have Chris convinced to rethink the budget, Leslie admits to their plan.  Chris' first bad date.

It's okay because Leslie comes up with a new plan to get the budget back: bring back Harvest Day.  If it fails, she'll shut down the Parks department.  If it succeeds, they're back!  Oh and Ann admits to Chris she really likes him.  Aww.

Meanwhile, Ron and Andy each coach a basketball team in the only surviving Parks activity and April returns with a boyfriend from her trip to Venezuela.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Woman: These are way too tight.
Tom: Well, the real Cinderella didn't have hippo feet.

The bankrupt government of Pawnee has been shut down all summer so it's been three months of no work, no meetings, no memos, no late nights, nothing. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.