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Ben and Leslie try to keep their relationship a secret. Leslie’s Mom, Marlene, is also in the neighborhood to fight for money to purchase a few new school busses. Feeling like a pushover after talking to her the first time, Ben asks Leslie for some advice to win against her mother.

Ben and Leslie’s plan works a little too well and Marlene ends up hitting on Ben. In order to rebuke her advances Ben reveals to Marlene that he and Leslie are dating.

Meanwhile, Chris is trying to increase productivity in the Parks Department by making Ron sit in the middle of the department while giving everyone else more responsibility. His plan fails miserably and Ron asks him to revert back to their old style. Chris agrees but Ron is required to sit in his swivel chair for another week as punishment.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Ben: I think at some point you and I should probably make out with each other.

Leslie: Yeah, good call.

Leslie: And you have an officemate, his name is Stewart. And he's kind of a grouch.

Ann: I have an officemate?

Stewart: Get these f-ing balloons out of here.