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Tonight, Ben and April are on a road trip to Pawnee.  Unfortunately, they hit traffic because of the president's motorcade so they end up stuck in the car for hours.  When traffic begins moving again, both April and Andy are thrilled, but then their car runs out of gas.  In the end, Ben offered to fly them to Pawnee the following weekend and the two of them ended up bonding since they spent so much time together.

In Pawnee, Leslie gets a new office and tries to pass the "Fun in the Sun Act" which would mean the Pawnee Pool would stay open for a few more weeks so that the Porpoise team could practice.  In the midst of trying to pass this bill, Leslie decides to get a perm, but doesn't have time to finish the job, so throughout the episode, she has half a perm. 

Leslie needs Councilman Jam's vote and since he is angry that Leslie got such a great office, which includes a private bathroom, he won't vote to pass the bill that would help the kids.  Leslie has to offer him her office in order to get his vote.  The council passes the bill, but Councilman Jam tried to spoil things for Leslie by telling the Porpoise team that Leslie gave up her office in order to get the bill passed. Before he could say it, Tom pushed him into the pool.  And in order for Leslie to convince the kids it was all in jest, she jumped in the pool as well, thus ruining her perm.

Meanwhile, Chris has begun psychotherapy and is inspired to help others.  He has the Parks department man the phone lines for a 3-1-1 number to help out citizens who need it.  Ron decides to help a woman (Diane) who needs her pothole fixed and Andy goes to help, but ends up entertaining Diane's two daughters.  Diane asks Ron how to fix the pothole so she can do it herself next time.  Andy helps things along for Ron and Diane and she ends up coming to the Parks department to ask Ron to dinner.  Ron begrudgingly admits that the 3-1-1 system was fairly successful. 

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Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Councilman Jam: I'm gonna drop my liquids in here and drop my solids down the hall.
Leslie: Ew, no.
Councilman Jam: Okay. Your loss.
Leslie: How?

I am big enough to admit I am often inspired by myself.