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When Leslie does some promotional work on the local Pawnee radio, an Eagleton architect named Wreston St. James volunteers his services to help create the perfect Pawnee park. While Leslie is skeptical of his intentions because he's from Eagleton, Ben encourages her to trust him. When Leslie finally does start to trust him, two architects from his firm show up with a park model that mocks Pawnee and Leslie blames St. James. 

After attacking St. James with shaving cream, Ben tells Leslie that he fired the two employees who made the horrible park model and that he is still in favor of going forward with a real park idea. Complete with a waterfall dedicated to L'il Sebastian. 

Meanwhile, Andy has some excitement at his security guard job when April rescues him from boredom with some fun role playing games. They end up finding a lost boy named Joey and Andy and April return him to his worried mother. By the end of the episode, April convinces Andy to stop pretending to be Burt Macklin and accept a more responsible role. 

Tom has found a space in Pawnee to house Rent a Swag and enlists everyone at the Parks department to help out.  He does his best to save money, but hurts the business by straying too far from Entertainment 720 and the confidence he exhibited when he ran that business. Ann convinces him to let her and the rest of the department invest in Rent a Swag and Tom spices his business up by the end. 

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Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Jazz, plus jazz, plus jazz!


Your show last week on dolphin lactation was riveting radio.