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Tonight's episode was all about Ann and Chris moving to Michigan. Leslie throws Chris and Ann a going away party on their last night in Pawnee to celebrate every event in the coming year that Ann and Leslie may not get to spend together. In addition to throwing the over the top party, Leslie also wanted to break ground on the Pawnee Commons, the very land that introduced Ann to Leslie.

Of course, things don't go perfectly and Leslie and Ann leave the party together to chase down Harold, the man holding up the ground breaking. In the end, Ann and Leslie break ground together and reminisce about their friendship afterwards.

Meanwhile, Chris gives all of the men really thoughtful gifts and the men get him a gift card for pans. They realize they need to be more thoughtful, so they end up having Ron build a box for Chris to store memories of him and his baby. 

In the end, Ann and Chris share sentimental moments with everyone in the Parks department and say an emotional goodbye. Even though Leslie is upset at the end, Ron suggests breakfast and everyone comes along. 

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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Ann’s leaving town. Ann’s saying painful goodbyes. Greatest day of my life!


That promise launched a friendship so grand it takes 103 scrapbooks to capture it.