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It's Ben and Leslie's first anniversary and both of them agree not to give each other gifts. Of course, both Leslie and Ben break this promise. Ben especially wants to surprise Leslie since he is so used to being the one who is surprised. Ben enlists Larry to help him carry out the surprises, but unfortunately Leslie is so busy she misses every event Ben planned for including: a couples massage, a carriage ride, and dance lessons. Larry ends up experiencing the day with Ben and they have a great time. Leslie ends up surprising Ben with the Game of Thrones iron throne.

Meanwhile, Donna blows up working at the animal hospital and goes shopping instead. Instead of talking to her directly, April decides to anonymously insult her on Yelp. Donna and her end up talking it out and they agree to be straight with each other.

Leslie is also continuing to work on making the merger between Pawnee and Eagleton more harmonious. She finds a married couple with each partner from Pawnee and Eagleton, respectively, and puts them on TV to help promote unity. In the end,Tom tells Leslie that old people won't help and that young people would work to promote the town unity better. Leslie brings a few young people together and they suggest a three day concert. Leslie is rendered nearly speechless and thrilled with the idea!

Ron figures out how to use the internet to his advantage: by looking up addresses he can send letters to! He spends the episode sending letters to frozen yogurt and vegan restaurants. 

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

It was a pizza stuffed with little pizzas. And the crusts of those little pizzas were stuffed with chocolate.


The bride wore a gown made by her friend Ann Perkins and the groom wore a butt so perfect it could make an angel hang himself.