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Tatiana Maslany comes on board this episode of Parks and Recreation as a doctor interested in giving Pawnee residents vaccines in a park. Tom accidentally pretends he's English but April encourages him to turn the accent off and come clean with Nadia and just tell her he's interested. When he finally does, with April's help, he scores a date with Nadia.

Donna tweets something that was meant for her personal account on the Parks account which causes big problems for Leslie and the department. Councilman Jamm decides to create a media circus to aid in Leslie's recall campaign. It's here Leslie finds out Donna has been tweeting mean things about her.

She discusses her hurt feelings with Chris and determines that Donna does, in fact, respect her. Donna and Leslie make up and walk out of the media circus together.

Ron and Ben work together with a lawyer to create a will for Ron, who would rather not deal with a lawyer at all. After putting up a tough fight, Ron gave in and left his children five percent of his estate each.



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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

April: Parks can only be reserved for witch covens or slip and slide competitions. Which one are you?
Nadia: Umm, slip and slide competition.
April: Seriously?

Ben, your heart's in the right place. Your heart and your butt.