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Leslie refuses to take no for an answer leading to a marathon negotiating session. When Jamm refuses to give her the money to create the park she's always wanted to, Leslie enlists Chris to help her sway Jamm's decision. Leslie soon admits to Chris that much of her pushing for the park is because she thinks creating the park as soon as possible will keep Ann in Pawnee. 

Chris then breaks the news to Leslie that he and Ann have signed a lease in Ann Arbor and he's accepted a job at the University of Michigan. Chris then promises Jamm five I.O.U.s in his next term if he allows Leslie the opportunity to build the park. 

Ron wants to sell one of his four cabins and Donna and Tom help to remake the cabin so that it becomes more appealing to a hipster crowd. Even though they successfully sell it, Ron refuses because he wants it to go to someone who will use it the same way he did: as a retreat from Pawnee. April ends up buying his cabin for the entire contents of her purse, including $8, some cough drops, and Larry's inhaler.

Meanwhile, Ben goes back to Barney and Frank, who own a business that allows him to really use his numbers sense. Just as Ben is starting to love his job, including the perks of being the most beloved employee, Chris tells Ben that his job as city manager is now open and he's been voted in. Ben then has to go and quit, but he leaves his fellow employees the game he created: Cones of Dunshire.

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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Video Ron Demand.


The voters, to use a political term, gave you the stanky boot.