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When Eagleton and Pawnee have their annual Tip Off Classic basketball game, Leslie and Ben soon find out that Eagleton is bankrupt. The Leslie Knope of Eagleton, Ingrid DeForest has misspent Eagleton's budget and even though Leslie hates Eagleton with a passion, she ends up deciding to help their town out. Chris, Ben, and Leslie come up with a solution: to absolve Eagleton and absorb it into Pawnee.

Meanwhile, Ron decides to live off the grid. He becomes angry when a Penny Saver arrives at his new home and enlists Tom and Donna to help him escape social media. He very nearly does it when Diane brings him back to reality and reminds him that he's a husband now and needs to be reliable for his family. He purchases an older looking cell phone with a belt buckle holster and soon Tom and Donna want nothing more to do with him.

Ann and April go to visit Ann's new school in Bloomington, but April soon realizes she doesn't want to go to school there because her gut is telling her it's the wrong decision. Ann later realizes that her gut is telling her that everything Bloomington has to offer makes her want to raise her baby elsewhere.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

She thinks she's so great because she won the Miss Indiana Beauty Pageant. Last year. In office. While pregnant.


Look, am I proud of it? Yes, because Eagleton sucks. Is it the classiest move? Yes, because Eagleton sucks. Would I do it again? Yes, because Eagleton sucks.