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April helps Donna and Joe plan their wedding and organize all the affairs along with Craig. 

Tom and Lucy seem to getting along better than ever, and Tom shares some of his desires to be with Lucy with Ron. 

Ben and Leslie ignore an incoming call from Jen, assuming that she's trying to get Leslie to run for office yet again. Jen turns up at the house and tells them that she actually wants Ben to run, not Leslie. 

Everyone gathers at the rehearsal dinner, and April plays a great chaperon to Donna's family. 

Despite his best intentions, Ron spills the beans about Tom's feelings for Lucy, only seems to make the situation worse. 

Leslie, who wants Ben to definitely run, tells him to test out "campaign mode" at the rehearsal dinner. 

Ben goes around in character and realizes that he's actually enjoying himself -- and that he's drunk.

Ben gives a drunk toast for Donna and Joe and everyone celebrates. 

Ben and Leslie wake up the next morning hangover beyond belief and realize that they called Jen and confirmed that Ben will indeed be running for the House of Representatives. 

Ben and Leslie sit down with Jen and she plays them the multiple messages they left for that night. When she finds out that they were dunk last night, she lets them know that they would fit in perfectly if they went to Washington. 

On the day of the wedding, emotions run high as April and Leslie greet Donna in her dressing room. Donna floating on cloud nine as she calls out her ex-best friend, and thanks Leslie and April for being who they are. 

Ron tries to control the damage he made by doing what he always does; he's honest to a fault, and Tom tries to let Lucy know that that's all that was going on. 

However, Lucy, who has also started to slowly fall for Tom, doesn't take that for an answer, and rests her head against his shoulders - claiming that she's only going to date him for the free dresses. 

Donna and Joe gather the alter and share their kiss - officially getting married. 

When harassed by press outside the wedding reception, Ben hesitates at first but embraces the fact that he's running for Congress. Leslie couldn't be more turned on. 

Inside, Donna thanks April for all her help in keeping the wedding quiet and drama free -- but hints that some drama is never a bad thing. 

April and Andy bring out guest star QuestLove to pretend to be Joe's long lost younger brother, and they have a small spat about microwaves and popcorn. 

Donna calls out Ben for not revealing that he was running for Congress sooner, but Leslie says that it was because they didn't want to steal any wedding day thunder. Donna says she can't be one-upped when in her white dress, so Ben confirms the rumors and the gang celebrates Ben's imminent campaign to run for the House of Representatives. 

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Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Ron: Tom is quite taken with you.
Lucy: He's taken with me, huh?
Ron: He said he'd marry you tomorrow.

Say what you want about organized religion, but those bastards knew how to construct an edifice.