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Ron and Leslie start to countdown every minute they have to spend together in the room. The episode even has an ongoing clock to remind you of the time elapsed. Early on, Ron completely refuses to talk about his feelings and Leslie tries hundreds off ways to make him break his promise. She puts post its on his, she talks his ear off, she sings Jerry's favorite songs - nothing works except the song. 

Ron gives her three minutes, and in that time Leslie outlines their history over the past three years.

Shortly after her departure from the Parks & Rec, Ron lost almost all contact with Leslie. They met at parties and whatnot, but he never went out of his way to keep in touch. He soon abruptly quit his job to start his own company, while Leslie was on vacation and without telling her. 

The final stab in the back according to Leslie came when Ron worked for Morning Star to build apartments where Ann's house used to be and next Leslie's first achievement - the renovated dump turned park. 

Leslie says Ron tore down the house, fulfilled his contract, and continued to fight zoning laws and other progress she had made during her time at Parks & Rec.

Ron wears a leather jacket at April's birthday party in the flashback. 

Leslie considers all this a spit in the face, but Ron says that's not the entire story.

They bond about how Leslie was hired. Leslie had been overly enthusiastic and liberal which infuriated Ron, but when he called her out on what he considered "nonsense," she had what he considers one of her best rants ever. 

She got assertive and stood by her views, which impressed Ron more than anything. And he hired her. 

Leslie tries to push the moment further than she should have and get the truth about why Ron left the department three years ago. 

Ron tries to leave the room by pulling the fire alarm, but that only activates the sprinklers because of April's previous shenanigans. They both get soaking wet.

Ron is wearing an all yellow tank top yoga outfit and Leslie is in gray sweats. Leslie eventually is able to point out the change in the office that might have led to Ron's behavior. Or changes for that matter.

Ron finally reveals what caused him to go on his private sector tangent. He had started to miss all his workplace proximity associates, and was going to ask Leslie for a job on the third floor. However, Leslie stands up their lunch date and that sets Ron down his vengeful path. 

Having finally cleared the air - they get extremely drunk together and by the time the rest of their friends return to check on them, Ron's playing his saxophone while Leslie is dancing in her sweats. 

Hangover, and somehow still drunk, the next day, Ron and Leslie meet up in her office. Ron offers her a picture in a frame made out of the door of Ann's old house. 

They head out together to enjoy some breakfast in the afternoon.

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I would rather bleed out than sit here and talk about my feelings for 10 mins.