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Tom and Donna are going to treat themselves in 2017.

Ron is now on Leslie's team, but the need to find a way to tackle Gryzzl.

They find out that Dennis Feinstein is about to buy out their favorite dinner. They try to put their heads together to come up with a way to fight back.

Tom runs into Lucy, and ties his tongue in a pretzel-knot when inviting her to a wedding party. It starts out alright, but the more he talks the worse it gets. He tries to play it off as not caring but it's obviously a mess. Lucy has been broken up for a bit now and is available. 

Donna tries to talk to Tom about his relationship with Lucy but he says its time for them to treat themselves, and nothing more. 

Leslie holds a rally for JJ's Diner and thhere is a pretty good turn out. 

Andy describes how Jonny Karate and his older, more serious brother, Jonathan Karate, work. They confront Dennis Feinstein.

Tom and Donna treat themselves in Beverly hills - getting custom fingernail appointments. 

Dennis Feinstein comes out to speak to the rally protesting. 

Dennis tries to come them down by saying JJ's can stay. But then he says "PSYCH!" He sprays everyone with the hound - a cologne that makes everything smell like wet dog. 

They try to wash themselves of the wet dog, and April suggests that they move JJ's to a location near them. There are horrible buildings in the area. The owner doesn't think the location is safe or hospitable enough. Ron and Leslie agree that they have to do some PR work to improve the neighborhood. 

Tom and Donna eat a place that makes sushi from fish previously owned by celebrities. Donna gives advice to an apprehensive Tom regarding the Lucy situation, and buys him a new pair of shoes.

Tom tries to hand over his job to Greg so that he can ask Luck out, but she wants to go out with him regardless. So he fires Greg immediately.

Ron, Leslie, Ben and the rest show Gryzzl that they can use the good PR by helping "clean up" Pawnee as well as expand their business. They show them property they can buy for much cheaper than if they didn't follow their advice. 

Andy tries to infiltrate Dennis Feinstein's office once again, but looses his buddy in the buddy system. Dennis kicks them out. 

Leslie wonders if Gryzzl is actually going to follow through with their deal -- she recounts how it's already been a week since they shoed them the property and gave them some designs. 

Ron and Leslie drink whiskey together as Ron lets Leslie vent about the situation. 

In the end, Ron finally gets to the have the last laugh as he slowly reveals that Gryzzl had called an hour prior to this conversation and gave them the go ahead for the joint venture. 

Leslie freaks out and calls Ron a jerk, but then gives him a big hug - ecstatic about the new development. 


Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Ron: I'm not a spy, and I would not reveal classified information -
Ben: Do you have to say that every time?
Ron: Yeah.

I got something big and exciting. All I need is a blimp --