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Andy enjoys himself on his show, "Johnny Karate." He reprises Bert Macklin, the FBI detective, and enlists the help of superman throughout his show. It's the last episode of his "Johnny Karate" show. Andy realizes that he's moving to D.C. and will have to say bye to his show and the kids he entertains.

His friends, from Donna to Ben, and even his wife, are all guests on the show. Ron is even on the show as "Carpenter Ron."

After he looses April's spider for the animal show and tell, he heads over to Ron's corner. 

After trying to give Ron a hug, for a "hug moment," he heads over to the science room with Ben. He uses his "boring buzzer" whenever Ben gets boring, or ignores "teleportation."

Gerry tries to read Andy a heartfelt letter but he interrupts so that him and the kids karate chop a bunch of things, including Gerry. 

April and Leslie interrupt the broadcast to announce that Leslie will host the rest of the show so that they can give Andy a tribute for all his hard work. Andy is left confused because he usually has a script that tells him what to say, and now he doesn't.

Ron has a commercial about his construction company, but he doesn't really take advantage of the opportunity -- because he's not a "beggar."

There's a faunny faux-commercial for a casino.

Leslie starts to touch on Andy's life, from breaking his legs, to working as a shoe shine, to going to England. His boss from England knights Andy, and even Ben because he wanted to get knighted. 

Leslie says the "salute Johnny Karate" will air when they return from commercials. 

There's a hilarious faux-commercial for "Paunch Burger."

Leslie puts together a tribute to "Bert Tyrannosaurus Macklin."

Leslie gets Andy made as an honorary cop so that he can find the missing guitar. 

He takes the newfound badge to Ben to get it inspected, and they find the initials "JC." 

John Cena guest stars, and instead of taking the guitar from him, Andy handcuffs him for stealing Johnny Karate's guitar. 

Ron plays the sax, as Donna sings for them, and they raise one of Andy's karate outfits into the air, promising to preserve it after Andy and April leave.

April is clearly upset, and Andy seems to start to catch on that this is his last time on the show/one of his last moments living in Pawnee.

Leslie says the "final goodbye" will be following the commercials.

There is a great faux-commercial about Verizon and Chipotle, that states that Verizon is now one of  "eight companies" left in the United States. 

Andy is wearing a suit after the commercials, and reading a somber speech about today being the best day of his life. 

April leaves the room in tears, and reveals to Andy that she doesn't want to stop him from doing what he loves.

He reveals to her that he wouldn't have anything without her, and that he loves her the most.

They kiss.

Andy plays the show out.

They dunk John Cena, while he has the spider in front of him. 






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Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

I don't know what happened! I took it out to play hide and seek, I couldn't find it, and -- oh wait I know what happened.


In a couple weeks, I'll be moving to Washington, D.C. It's the capitol of the entire world.