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Everyone gathers to reveals news about their lives. Donna and Joe are moving to Seattle, Leslie is starting her training, and Gerry announces his retirement from public service (which no one cares about).

Walter Gunderson, the mayor, has passed away. 

Bill Murray guest stars as Walter Gunderson, whom they've never shown in the past, in a video message prior to his passing. 

April suggests that Ben be the mayor. 

Tom is back in town, and says things are going awesome with Lucy. Leslie wants them to propose so that there's happy new beginnings to match all the change.

Salvatore, Ron's barber, has passed away as well, making Ron collapse.

Walter's wife makes an inappropriate speech about her husband, but the main message is that she really loves him. 

Leslie keeps pushing that Tom propose to Lucy. They burst out in dance at the funeral over starting to come up with a game plan for Tom's proposal. They then apologize for bursting out into dance at a funeral. 

Leslie and Tom are on a mission to film Tom's proposal.

Paul Rudd guest stars as "Bobby Newport" whom Ben tries to get to run for mayor. He says he'd love to, but he has to go to space. 

Leslie and Tom try to choreograph and film a fight scene/diamond heist for Tom's proposal. 

Ben and April keep interviewing people for the mayor position. They meet with a bunch of old characters, and each one is worse than the last. April tries to convince Ben that being mayor of Pawnee is the right move for him. She finally seems to be getting through to him, and Ben seems to be considering the idea of putting "Icetown" behind him once and for all. 

When they're reminiscing at a bar, Ron runs into his mortal enemy, Ron Dunn. But Donna gets an idea out of the situation to help Ron. 

Tom seems like he's getting cold feet, but he starts instructing Leslie on what to do next. She's skeptical, and thinks things are falling apart, but she keeps helping him out. 

Tom tells Leslie he has a plan, but lets her stay and hide to watch the proposal. Jean-Ralphio is there as well.

Ben is about to sign the dotted line to become mayor, but he doesn't know if he wants to erase the "Icetown" debacle. He says its lead him to where he is now. 

April is horrified when Ben names Gerry the new mayor of Pawnee.

Tom takes Lucy on a romantic walk down memory lane, complete with a flower and pancakes to commemorate the day they met, and asks her out via card magic trick.

She says yes, and Leslie is in tears.

Tom explains to Leslie that he realized what Lucy would appreciate more than his flashy diamond heist proposal.

Ben tells Leslie that Gerry is now the new mayor, and she expresses her happiness in the fact that they're are leaving town. 

Despite all the hate they usually give him, the gang sets up an inauguration day for Gerry, where men dressed as Spartan solders pick him up in his thrown and take him to a hot-air balloon. 


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Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Was he killed by a younger, stronger, barber!?


Oh yeah, you completely disgraced yourself and almost destroyed an entire town!