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Leslie and Ron continue to fight it, and through their respective teams, find a way to gain control of the land at stake. 

Leslie entertains a host of people trying to file historical significance for the land, but runs into a lot of dolts. At last, although very far-fetched, a man who has written a book on William Henry Harrison and his 32 days in office claims that the ex-President used to have a cabin on that property.

Ron and his team meet with the head of Gryzzle and realize that they might want to use a celebrity to endorse their cause. 

Ben tries to get Ron and Leslie in the same room to make his paperwork simpler, with Terry as the authorized notary. 

Ron always manages to get information of Leslie's doings through Terry, although Ben abstains from revealing too much.

In preparation for the press conference, Leslie takes her team to a William Henry Harrison museum - where she instructs them that this mission is all about quantity. She also manages to get some information about Ron out of Ben. 

As April feels more out of place at her job, Andy tries to help her out by brainstorming and suggesting ideas in general. He even has consider a museum but she doesn't seem to think it's a good fit. Plus the job doesn't pay in real money - it pays in Harrison Bucks. 

Terry enjoys being a notary way too much.

Andy has the perfect solution to April's problems - she loves dealing with people one on one so they should look for careers in that area.

Ron ambushes Leslie's press conference in order to have one of his own right afterwards, even though Tom and Donna aren't fans of the plan. 

Leslie gets Zachary, who may or may not be a long lost descendant of President Harrison to speak - but that doesn't go over so well. The items from the museum or the live ensemble playing music don't go over well. 

Tom and Donna intercut the presentation with their own extremely flashly set up and draw in the entire crowd. Following their little stunt, Ben tries to get Ron and Leslie, finally in the same room, to sign their documents as necessary. 

He's clearly fed up with their beef, but Ron and Leslie finally have it all out in public. They call each other stubborn and thickheaded but resolve nothing.

This builds up to a cliffhanger where Ben and the rest of the team trick Ron and Leslie into a room and lock the door. 



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