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Pearson Season 1 Episode 4 Review: The Deputy Mayor

Pearson Review: The Deputy Mayor

On Pearson Season 1 Episode 4, while Bobby is away, Jessica investigates the Jefferies death and Nick's role, and Keri clashes with the deputy mayor. Read our review!
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Pearson Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Union Leader

Pearson Review: The Union Leader

On Pearson Season 1 Episode 3, when Pat McGann corners Jessica, she may have to do something unthinkable to fight her way out. Read our review for more!
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Pearson Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Superintendent

Pearson Review: The Superintendent

On Pearson Season 1 Episode 2, the news is out about Jessica's position at the mayor's office, and the city is not happy, especially the police. Read our review for more!
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Pearson Details

Jessica Pearson from Suits is finally headling a show of her own.

Jessica got disbarred from practicing law after going up against the City of Chicago, but that doesn't stop Mayor Bobby Golec from hiring the firebrand to help him steer clear of the roughter spots in which he finds himself.

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Pearson Quotes

Harvey: Don't tell me, the mayor fired you and you're coming back to New York?
Jessica: Hardly.
Harvey: You took over, and they're renaming the city Pearson?
Jessica: That's more like it.
Harvey: How are you, Jessica?
Jessica: I'm just fine, thank you very much, but I do need a favor.
Harvey: I can be on the first plane out
Jessica: Save your miles for Tahiti. You can do this from where you are.
Harvey: Good. I'm not trying to battle airport traffic. What do you need?

Jessica: I'm sorry I doubted you.
Nick: That's fine, but the fact that you suspected me, that says plenty about what you think of me.
Jessica: I don't know what to think of you, Nick. But this arrangement isn't going to work unless you trust me enough to let your wall down.
Nick: Don't you get bored on that lonely street?
Jessica: What are you talking about?
Nick: You want everyone to open up to you, but you don't give a thing in return.