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Bobby takes the day off.

Nick takes Jessica to meet with McGann. Nick has taken her deal to work for him..

McGann wants Bobby to fill the vacancy for alderman since Debbie Coates quit. He wants a woman named Betsy to take over.

Jessica doesn't want to consider it. She has Yoli look into Betsy.

Derrick has Keri do PR. She is asked out by a photographer taking her photos. She also speaks to some high school girls who admire her. When they applaud her for her integrity she thinks about her affair with Bobby.

Lillian and Angela are getting evicted earlier than the original date. It's a power move by McGann. Angela is resistant to Jessica's help at first. She goes to city council to speak but no one listens.

Jessica figures out McGann wants no unionized labor and that's why he chose Betsy. She figures out a way to get him what he wants by threatening the union leader. It makes her sick.

She has to do it for her family something Nick told her. He does anything for family which leads Jessica to understand a bit of his role in the coverup.

Bobby takes care of his wife who has relapsed and has MS.

Angela realizes Jessica helped them and she thanks her and spends time with her. They become closer and joke about Jessica babysitting.

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Pearson Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I can't die on every hill.


I don't work for Pat Mcgann. I work for the mayor.