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Magda walks into a dance hall, transforms into Elsa, and attracts the attention of a large man. She suggests that, instead of dancing, he would rather take her home and hurt her.

Mateo is regretting killing Reilly but Rio talks him around and takes him to bed.

Molly and Tiago make love at her beach house.

Fly walks in on Rio and Mateo and joins them in bed.

Molly shares a story of her childhood with Tiago and he shares the story of his scar.

Lewis is waiting on Tiago's doorstep when the police raid the music store. Tiago arrives by bus and Lewis informs him about Reilly's murder and Tiago denies having anything to do with it.

Josefina discloses to Molly what Reilly did to her. Molly counsels her to be strong and tells her a different version of the story she told Tiago where she and her mother were taken advantage of by the men who supposedly rescued them.

Josefina tells Molly about her brother and Molly realizes she's talking to Tiago's sister.

Randolph reports to Adelaide about Molly and Tiago spending the night at the beach house.

Tiago and Lewis find Reilly's girl, Sofia, and question her. She identifies Fly and Rio and describes the others well enough that Tiago realizes Mateo was there.

Dottie tracks down the Cal Tech student, Koenig, at an automat and chats with him about his work for the Nazis. They are being watched by Goss's driver, Kurt. He gives Goss a call to tell him about Dottie and Goss instructs him to find out who she is. He then stares at a model map of the Los Angeles Valley with projected motorways.

Tiago tries to convince Lewis that he should talk to Raul alone and that Lewis should stay in the car. Doesn't work but when Tiago asks Raul about Fly Rico, Lewis gets the hint he should take a walk and Tiago asks Maria to take Lewis to meet Santa Muerte. Maria gives Lewis an icon of black Santa Muerte for protection.

Townsend and Alex talk in chambers. She warns him about making his romantic developments public.

Tiago and Lewis question Bernadette, a friend of Fly Rico's, about his whereabouts. Tiago threatens her with deportation if she doesn't work with them.

Craft and his family are playing a board game when the phone rings. It's Elsa desperate for help. He leaves, upsetting Linda. He finds Elsa covered in blood and the man from the dance hall dead on the floor. Craft gets the shower curtain to help dispose of the body.

Townsend is drinking alone and starts dancing to a record. Kurt arrives with dinner.

Craft buries the body in the woods and then has sex with Elsa on the ground next to the grave.

Tiago and Lewis are spotted by a lookout for the Pachucos and chase the kid into Fly Rico's building. They break down the door and Tiago hesitates when he sees Mateo. The four Pachucos scatter and Rio dumps Diego to Lewis's custody while Tiago chases Mateo and Rico down a fire escape. Mateo and Rico split up and Tiago goes after Mateo. Mateo admits to killing Reilly and Tiago tells him to run.

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Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I know what you think of her. Dragon Mother. But there are times, like that night, when you are alone and poor and you are small and weak and you are grateful for the dragon's roar.


Hey, my warrior, my avenging angel. No, no, you don't need regret.