A Dangerous Outing - Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
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Maria comforts Tom as he buries his hamster. When he tells her that Frank killed Friar Tuck, she gives him her coyote talisman and warns him not to repeat the accusation to anyone else. Frank watches them from the window.

Lewis and Tiago discuss the case and decide to question City Hall and the Temple to see how Townsend and Adelaide are connected to Goss.

Townsend storms into Beck's office. He tries to threaten her with his dangerous friends and she reveals that she knows that he is gay. He returns to his office to find Lewis waiting with Alex. Lewis asks him about his meeting with Goss. He refuses to reveal anything and dismisses Lewis.

Alex follows him out and tells him her parents were in Vienna when Hitler invaded and offers to help his investigation.

Josefina comes to see her mother at the Craft house to tell her that she is moving to the Temple's dormitory. Maria begs her to talk with her after work but Josefina says she'll be gone by then.

Maria returns to the house and finds Elsa making lemonade in the kitchen. Elsa instructs her to stay the night with the boys, disparages coyotes, and warns her to never speak with Mexican people where the neighbors can see.

Peter visits Linda at the asylum. He wants her to sign custody papers but she informs him that her father and her family's lawyer will be dealing with those matters. She promises to let him have an easy divorce but once it's official, she'll destroy his life by revealing that he's a fraud. He leaves in a bit of a panic.

Mateo wants to come clean about Diego but Rio stops him. She insists that he'll be the leader of the Pachucos.

Tiago visits Miss Adelaide. She denies knowing about Goss' politics but informs Tiago that Goss is funding a new temple in Pasadena. She takes Tiago on a tour and insists he witness a baptism. She changes the topic to Molly and hints to Tiago that Molly has more secrets than he could ever discover. He turns to the baptisms and sees Molly baptizing Josefina. Molly spots him and her smile fades.

Townsend and Kurt go to a private club where gay people can dance and be themselves. While they dance, Townsend asks Kurt to kill Beck. Kurt refuses and tells him that the man he loves isn't a killer.

Molly helps Josefina dye her hair and discusses her family.

At the Craft house, Maria makes popcorn while Trevor and Tom listen to a scary radio show. Frank startles her and talks about her childhood dream of being a nun, derailed by meeting her husband. Frank demonstrates his demonic nature then leaves to join the boys.

At a meeting of the German-American Bund, Peter and Ackermann argue over their role in America. Elsa backs Peter's argument of non-engagement.

Molly visits Tiago and he accuses her of keeping secrets from him.

On the way home, Elsa confides that she believes in everything Ackermann espouses but felt she had to speak for Peter because she felt embarrassed for him. He pulls the car aside to explain why he will not stand with Hitler and the Third Reich. His real family name is Krupp and they made the weapons for the German army. He broke with them and changed his name when he came to America because he could not stand for the violence and death his family legacy was built on.

At the Craft house, Maria is washing dishes when she hears the Craft boys calling for her. She finds them standing off against Frank who is upset at Tom's talisman. The lights go out and the boys disappear. She looks for them in the dark house and finds herself trapped in Tom's room with a vision of her dead husband. She realizes he is a fraud and confronts him with it. Found out, he re-enacts Jose's last moments, burning to death, and Maria screams then comes back to herself still washing the dishes. Elsa and Peter are heard coming into the house and Frank appears at the stove and puts his hand directly onto the burner and screams.

Tiago and Molly wake to banging at the door. Lewis comes in and finds Molly. He demands Tiago meet him downstairs immediately.

Elsa demands Peter fire Maria. Instead, he gives her a raise.

Tiago and Lewis realize both Townsend and Adeliade had the map for the motorway in their offices. As they head out to investigate, someone opens fire on them.

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Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Tiago: Mexicans and City Hall don't get very far.
Lewis: Jews haven't fared much better.

Lewis: How about I investigate Lady Macbeth and you head over to City Hall?
Tiago: I was thinking maybe I go to the temple. Miss Adelaide will have her guard down if it's the 'spic' coming in.
Lewis: Sorry to break it to you but she hates us both equally.