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Lewis and Tiago bring Diego into the station where the other police all want to beat a confession out of him for Reilly's murder. Vanderhoff puts Lewis and Tiago in the interrogation room first. Tiago nearly convinces him to confess when Lewis suggests the other guy did it. Diego sends Lewis for a drink when he realizes Tiago is trying to protect Mateo.

When Lewis leaves, Diego tells Tiago that if he wants Mateo to stay out of it, he has to help Diego escape or at least get him a weapon so he can take some bad cops down with him.

Molly and Adelaide have breakfast together. Molly expresses a wish to be with Tiago but Adelaide warns her that to have a personal relationship risks all the good works that Sister Molly does for the world.

On the beach, Townsend watches Kurt surf. Kurt shares how he became involved with Hitler and the Nazis.

At the Craft house, Peter is informing Linda that she will be checking into a sanitarium and that Elsa will be the boys' new mother.

At the police station, Tiago and Lewis continue to question Diego who tells them a story about catching mud hens with his brother the night Reilly died. Lewis and Tiago leave the room and talk with the captain who gives them 45 minutes before he sends in Reilly's old buddies to beat a confession out of the boy.

Rico, Rio, and Mateo are holed up in a shantytown. Mateo wants to go rescue Diego but Rico and Rio talk him out of it. Maria arrives looking for Mateo. She begs him to come home. Mateo sends her away. 

Tiago contemplates his sidearm in a bathroom stall and empties the bullets from the revolver. Just as he's about to leaves, Reilly's crew comes in talking about how they'll beat up Diego. They leave and Tiago reloads the gun.

Back in the interrogation room, Lewis breaks down Diego's story and zeroes in on the brother. Offers to bring Diego's brother in for questioning which upsets Diego. He starts to crack and Tiago holds a gun on him, demanding he confess. Lewis drags Tiago into the hall and makes the connection to Tiago's brother.

Tiago thinks that Mateo killed Reilly because he was angry at Tiago for shooting Raul. Tiago and Lewis exchange angry accusations and, warning Tiago not to say anything, Lewis leads him back into the room.

Lewis talks Diego into confessing to the Hazlett murders as well as Reilly's death on the promise that he'll gain a hefty reputation as a big deal when he goes to San Quentin.

The whole precinct celebrates the closing of the two cases.

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Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Man, I've been sitting here trying to figure it out. Are you a cop pretending to be Mexican or a Mexican pretending to be a cop? But now I get it. You don't even know yourself.


First, that family from Beverly Hills turns up in the river. And then the riot and four God-fearing white police officers end up in the morgue. And now we got another dead cop. Half this city's out for blood just like those bull-necks in the squad room. And all they want is someone to blame. Someone who looks like you and me.