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Vanessa writes a letter to Mina and recalls their past. The two grew up together and were best friends as little girls, but Vanessa always felt something between their families. She discovered her father having sex with Mina's mother and after that began hearing evil voices and started doing little bits of wickedness because she enjoyed it.

When the girls became young women, Mina became engaged to a handsome man and Vanessa felt jealous. Vanessa tried to kiss Mina's brother Peter, but he backed away from her. The night before Mina's wedding, Vanessa seduced Mina's fiance. They were caught by Mina, the wedding was called off and Vanessa immediately became obsessed.

Her parents sent her to doctors and she was returned home a weakened version of herself. Peter came to visit and she told him he would die in Africa but he went anyway. After that she was visited by the Master in the form of Sir Malcolm, who took her to bed. Vanessa's mother walked in on her daughter having sex with an invisible entity and immediately died of a heart attack. 

Vanessa was visited by Mina on the beach, who told her she forgave Vanessa. But Mina was in fact being controlled by the Master. Vanessa went to Sir Malcolm and don't him what she discovered and they formed an uneasy alliance to work together to save Mina. 

Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Perhaps it has always been there, this thing, this demon inside me.


You have to give them names or they’ll never come to life.