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Sir Malcolm and Mina ready themselves for the battle against the Master. Meanwhile Caliban gets friendly once again with the actress Maud, but when he loses his temper she gets frightened and Victor has no choice but to kick him out. He goes to see Victor, who considers killing his creation but realizes he can't do it.

Ethan calls Victor to Brona's bedside, but she is dying and there is nothing he can do. She admits she is afraid to die and when Ethan is out of the room, Victor offers her a chance at a life between heaven and hell. He kills her before Ethan returns and says he will take care of the body. 

Ethan is visited by two men who say they are in England to bring him back to his father. He escapes their clutches momentarily and joins Sir Malcolm, Vanessa, Victor and Sembene as they go after the Master in the Caliban's old theater. Once there, they are all attacked by vampires, but the creatures scatter when Mina shows up. 

She is possessed by the Master and threatens to bite Vanessa and take her as the Master's bride but Sir Malcolm kills Mina and declares Vanessa his daughter. Meanwhile, Ethan is drinking his sorrow away after Brona's death and is caught by the two men again. When they threaten to chain him like a monkey he transforms into a werewolf and kills them both. 

In the end, Vanessa goes to see a priest about an exorcism but he asks her to answer one question before he agrees to seek it out: Does she want to be normal?

Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Caliban: I’m sorry Vincent.
Vincent: No, pet. Show business. All bitches.

I left my son to suffer without me. I’ll not do the same to my daughter.

Sir Malcolm