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Ethan meets a lady of the night named Brona, who poses nude for the mysterious Dorian Gray. The fact that she has consumption on turns Dorian on even more. Vanessa also meets Dorian, at a party where a seance is held. She is possessed by a terrible creature and Sir Malcolm discovers from his Egyptologist friend that it was a Greek god that is planning to destroy the world. 

Meanwhile, Frankenstein lets his creation choose a name and soon he is showing the innocent Proteus the sights and sounds of London. But when they return home, Frankenstein's self-proclaimed firstborn kills Proteus and announces that he has returned home. 

Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Man does not live only in the empirical. We must seek the ephemeral, or why live?


Ethan: Brona?
Brona: It's Gaelic.
Ethan: What does it mean?
Brona: Sadness

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