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After witnessing Ethan's transformation, Sembene wonders if his condition is a blessing they can not quite understand yet.

Vanessa, shaken by the events at Dorian's ball, flees London with Ethan at her side. They head to the moors, and she only shares the location of the Cut-Wife’s cottage with Dr. Frankenstein.

At the little cottage Vanessa and Ethan bond over the things that scared them as children, as well as shooting and dancing lessons.

Unfortunately, their domestic bliss is interrupted by the despicable Sir Geoffrey Hawkes. While Ethan visits the man with the intention of killing him, it's Vanessa that does the deed using an enchantment from the "Poetry of Death" book.

Back in London, Mr. Lyle and Victor talk of fallen angels, demons and vampires. The Egyptologist warns the good doctor they're dealing with "the coming of the beast."

Understanding Lily needs friends of her own, Victor agrees to let her spend time with Mr. Gray. The two visit Putney's Wax Museum, where they are spotted by Caliban/Mr. Clare. Later that night, Lily enters a bar and leaves with a stranger.

While they are making love, Lily wraps her hands around the man's throat and chokes him to death.

Disappointed by Vanessa's act of vengeance, Ethan says "Welcome to the night Vanessa."





Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

She called me her little scorpion and only said my name aloud once... before she was murdered; tied to that tree outside.


Sir Malcolm: This company is safe.
Victor: Is it though? Are any of us immune to this danger we can't see, can't touch, but is everlastingly present? Mr. Lyle's right, tell no one.