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Dr. Seward guides Vanessa while under hypnosis, taking her back to the time Vanessa was institutionalized. Seward has her describe the orderly, who is apparently the man that the Creature once was before Frankenstein reanimated him. Vanessa doesn't appear to recognize him.

The orderly is Vanessa's only visitor for her few months in the asylum. At first, she refuses to eat, wanting to die, instead scratching at the walls and refusing to speak to the orderly. Eventually the orderly is forced to stick a tube down her throat, feeding her that way.

One day, the orderly brings her food and leaves it on the floor near her, trying to convince her to get it herself. She complains that the doctors are torturing her but the orderly believes that the treatments are to make her well. He refuses to engage in conversation with her because it is against hospital policy. He warns her that the next day's treatment is hydrotherapy.

The next day, Vanessa sits cold, wet, and traumatized on the floor in her padded room. The orderly switches out her waste bucket and later comes back with a blanket for her. Later on, he comes back to retrieve the blanket, because it's against hospital policy for her to have it. She begs him to keep it but then reluctantly gives it up. As he's leaving, she violently attacks him, badly scratching his face before he's able to subdue her and escape the room, leaving Vanessa crying and banging at the door.

After that, Vanessa is confined to a straight jacket. The orderly comes by to feed her soup. Vanessa believes that the torture is meant to make her "normal," a cog in the social machine like all other women. The orderly resists that. She asks his name and he tells her he's unable to reveal it because it's against regulations.

She tries to chat with him and he shuts it down, instead urging her to get better because the treatments only get worse. She tries to convince him that she is not ill but that he would not believe her actual situation -- she explains that she was "touched by Satan." The orderly explains that he brought the wooden spoon from home, where he uses it for his son who has a bad cough as metal spoons hurt his mouth. As he turns to leave, he reveals himself as Lucifer, taken the form of the orderly.

Dr. Seward appears to Vanessa, and Vanessa begs her to get her out of the hypnosis. Seward explains that she tried and is unable to -- Vanessa has regressed into a fugue state, something like a coma. Seward reassures Vanessa that she'll be able to break out of it. She convinces Vanessa to keep going on, that she'll get out once she arrives at the root of her trauma.

Later on, the orderly arrives back at the padded room to find Vanessa in her straight jacket and with a gagging device locked onto her head. He removes the gag. He combs her hair out and puts make-up on her, which he got from his wife, showing her the reflection and trying to remind her of who she is. He reads to her from a book of poetry, bringing her to tears. Before leaving, he removes her make-up and musses up her hair, so no one knows that he put make-up on her and fixed her hair. He apologizes to her before he leaves and gets emotional, telling her he prays for her. He mentions that it's Christmas.

Later, the orderly visits Vanessa while she is crying on the floor and bemoaning the fact that she will likely never get out of there. She mentions, distressed, that she was only ever with one man. She drops her garment and, fully nude, embraces and kisses the orderly before he roughly stops her and helps her back into her hospital gown. The orderly warns her that if she does not show signs of improvement, the doctor will perform a lobotomy on her. She explains that she cannot pretend to be happy. The orderly sits with her and eventually transforms into Lucifer-impersonating-the-orderly, who has the shadow of a snake.

Lucifer tries to convince Vanessa to embrace him of her own volition, so that they may rule together and smite God from his throne. Vanessa seems to be giving in but they are interrupted by the arrival of Dracula, also having taken the form of the orderly. He has the shadow of a bat. Dracula greets Lucifer as his brother and Lucifer denounces Dracula's ties to the earth. Dracula seduces Vanessa, calling upon her lusts of the flesh. Right before he bites her neck, he tells her his name and Vanessa breaks out of her reverie, seeing them both clearly.

They each threaten to unleash horrors upon her but Vanessa is assured of God's protection of her. She begins chanting in verbis diablo, floating in midair, frightening both Lucifer and Dracula as they back away from her slowly. She awakens back where she was, speaking with the orderly. She asks him if she can sleep and he leaves.

Dr. Seward appears, beckoning Vanessa to come back to her. Vanessa tells Seward that she's not done yet. The orderly returns with food for Vanessa, on the eve of her lobotomy procedure, when her head has been shaved bare. He apologizes to her. She explains that she tried to pretend she was normal but as soon as she spoke honestly about her faith, he determined she was still insane.

Vanessa and the orderly chat about the orderly's wife. The orderly tells Vanessa that he has quit the clinic and is leaving tomorrow. He explains that he had an epiphany about her condition while speaking with her son. He promises that he will stay long enough to see her before the surgery, so the last person she sees will be someone who loves her. She kisses him goodbye and he leaves.

Vanessa awakens back in Dr. Seward's office, where Seward is still waiting for her. Seward gives her a drink and apologizes for the cigarette burn on Vanessa's hand. She tells Seward that the name of the other demon pursuing her is Dracula.

Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Orderly: It's not torture, what they're doing. It's science. It's meant to make you better.
Vanessa: It's meant to make me normal. Like all the other women you know. Compliant. Obedient. A cog in an intricate social machine. No more.

Vanessa: You think I'm a spoiled bitch?
Orderly: We're not to engage in conversation, miss.