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Ethan has visions of Kaetenay covered in blood in the desert while dreaming. He awakens in a stable with Hecate watching over him. She tells him the others are dead and gives him water. He realizes that people will be after him and he should leave. Hecate insists on going with him, despite his protestations.

As Vanessa rants at Dr. Seward about her resemblance to Joan the Cut-Wife in their session, Renfield sits outside the office and repeatedly writes Vanessa's name. Vanessa is upset that Seward doesn't believe what she's told her, though Seward claims to believe that Vanessa believes it all. Vanessa grabs Seward's hand and reads Seward's history, explaining that Seward was hurt by a man who would have killed her had she not killed him first.

Caliban is a passenger on a horse riding into town. He has another vision of his past life, pre-reanimation, of a woman and child (presumably his wife and son).

Frankenstein interviews the Scotsman who Jekyll cured of his insanity before he reverts back to his deranged state. While lucid, the man explains that he remembers what he does while deranged but doesn't recall how he is when he's lucid. After he reverts, he'd led away and Jekyll rants about his inability to make the change permanent. Victor explains that he can combine his work with electricity with Jekyll's work, rendering the change permanent.

Justine (all dolled up) and Lily chat about men, Justine commenting that she has never known a man who didn't want to have sex with her or beat her. Lily mentions that she knew one man who wasn't like that -- Ethan. The two women spot suffragettes being taken down by the police. Justine likens Lily to the suffragettes but Lily disagrees -- she wants mastery over men, not equality.

Kaetenay and Sir Malcolm taken the train in America, in pursuit of Ethan. Malcolm asks why Kaetenay sought him for his help in finding Ethan. Kaetenay explains that Ethan trusts Malcolm and mentions that Hecate is with Ethan. He tells Malcolm that if they cannot save Ethan, a terrible fate will befall all of them. Two Americans try to remove Kaetenay from the train car, citing the law that Native Americans must ride with the livestock, but Sir Malcolm threatens them and they leave.

Hecate and Ethan find a ranch to take their horses. The owner of the ranch tries to stop them but Hecate slaughters the man and his daughter without remorse, horrifying Ethan.

Inspector Rusk and the local sheriff inspect the saloon where Wolf-Ethan and Hecate slaughtered everyone during Ethan's escape. Rusk notes that one of the bodies had its neck snapped while the others were torn apart, suggesting Ethan had help. The sheriff is hesitant to believe that Rusk is pursuing Ethan so relentlessly just because it's his job. Rusk explains that he believes there's more to Ethan than meets the eye, suggesting the sheriff begin believing in the occult.

Caliban seeks out the source of his visions, trying to find his former home by going to see the Asian parade that he saw in his vision. As he's walking about town, he spots Vanessa and moves to approach her but he sees Dr. Sweet approach her and stays behind. As Vanessa and Dr. Sweet go off on their walking date, Caliban sees the window that he appeared to look out of in his vision and goes into a store asking a man who lives upstairs. He has the man show him upstairs and realizes it's the same room from his vision, now empty. He asks the man who might know the people who lived here before, threatening the man when he's uncooperative.

As they walk around Limehouse, Dr. Sweet explains to Vanessa that he had a wife who passed away just over a year ago and since then he has been exploring new horizons. Vanessa comforts him and Sweet explains that he hears his dead wife's voice in their house, still, and that seeing Vanessa at the lecture brought to mind what his wife would want for him. Vanessa explains that she too has been on a mission of healing. As they walk, Dracula's familiar stalks them from a distance.

Caliban goes to a very dirty factory town, seeking his family in a dilapidated building. Rather than going into their room, Room 19, he sneaks up into the attic and peers into the room through the attic floor, watching his family from there. He sees the woman attend to their son, who is apparently suffering from tuberculosis and coughing up blood.

In town, Sweet takes Vanessa into the Hall of Mirrors, a funhouse-type attraction. While they are walking through, Vanessa briefly catches a glimpse of the familiar, rattling her, and loses track of Dr. Sweet. She finds herself all alone and trapped with the familiar. The familiar promises that she will see his master again, having seen him before in "the white room where there was no time." Suddenly, he "hears" something and scampers away backward like an insect.

Kaetenay and Sir Malcolm find the ranch where Hecate slaughtered the two people. Kaetenay warns Sir Malcolm that they are losing him, explaining that they must immediately set out into the desert to find him, saving him and if they can't, killing the evil he's become.

Ethan and Hecate plan to set off into the desert quickly, to find his father. Ethan wonders why Hecate is helping him and she explains that she wants to liberate his true self, the beast, and rule the darkness at his side. Suddenly, they're beset by bullets, shot at by the sheriff's men who are accompanied by Rusk. They escape but not before the sheriff and Rusk realize he's accompanied by a woman. Rusk wants to take Ethan alive.

At tea, Dr. Sweet notices that Vanessa is shaken up and asks her to tell him what happened. She tries to cut off their courtship, citing that it's too dangerous, despite his insistence that he deals with the impossible every day. Sweet crushes the tea cup in his hand in anger after she leaves.

Caliban attacks and robs a man in an alleyway.

Dorian shows Lily and Justine the tied, naked man who bought her when she was 12. Lily and Dorian ask her to recount the terrible things he did to her. They warn her that once she kills him her innocence will be forfeited, humankind and God turning their back on her. She butchers the man without hesitation and makes out with Dorian. Then, she, Dorian, and Lily have a blood-soaked threesome.

Dracula/Dr. Sweet attacks his familiar for approaching Vanessa and speaking with her, scaring her off, reminding the familiar that Vanessa is his. He explains that once she is abject and begging for him, then will they have her. He commands his familiars to devour the errant familiar. They greedily eat him.

The woman who was once Caliban's wife listens to the labored breathing of her child. She finds a pocket watch (the one Caliban stole from the rich man) on a side table. Caliban watches from above, in the attic, and smiles.

Lily and Dorian tells Justine that they are building an army and she is their first soldier, and that she will help them find other soldiers -- the abandoned prostitutes who move invisibly through the streets.

Vanessa begs Seward to perform hypnotism on her, to unlock the memories of what happened when she was previously imprisoned in the Banning Clinic (assuming that that is the "white room with no day or night" that the familiar referred to, where she first encountered his master). Seward is hesitant, citing its dangers, but Vanessa insists. Seward agrees, beginning the process. Vanessa visualizes the padded cell she was kept in, in great detail. Seward asks whether she was alone and Vanessa remembers the orderly who brought her food, seeing him in the memory -- it is Mr. Clare/Caliban, as his pre-reanimated self.

Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Dr. Seward: No, miss. So full of pain. All of which is true. You manifest it in any number of ways so you can make sense of it, but it's inexplicable. So the mind creates order around it: Phantoms, villains, demons, those things we understand and can name. But there is no name for it, Vanessa. It is a dark root without a name from which grows illness.
Vanessa: And delusion.
Dr. Seward: Yes.

Ethan. Has my utility not been amply demonstrated? Has my allegiance not been proved? I followed you across an ocean and across a continent. I will follow you to hell. I'll lead the way, Wolf of God.