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Dorian and Lily pay a man and attend a live torturing of a young girl (with several other "gentlemen" in attendance). Before the girl can be harmed by the torturer, Dorian and Lily kill him and slaughter the other men attending, rescuing the girl.

A photographer takes photographs of the dead bodies of the men who were killed on the train when Ethan was rescued. Inside the sheriff's office, Rusk explains what happened with Ethan to the Federal Marshall. Rusk refuses the Marshall's request for Rusk to return home, not wanting to leave until Ethan is "brought to heel." Rusk claims to know exactly where Ethan is headed -- Talbot's Range. Hecate listens from outside the office, overhearing Rusk, and sets out on her own.

Vanessa arrives for her next appointment with Dr. Seward. Renfield awkwardly asks Vanessa to fill out forms after her appointment and tries to make conversation. Dr. Seward records her session with Vanessa, as she records all her sessions for later review, making Vanessa slightly uncomfortable. Dr. Seward has Vanessa recount her sins, starting with seducing Mina's fiance on the eve of their wedding. Seward invites Vanessa to tell her her story, despite Vanessa's warning that Seward won't sleep soundly again if she believes it.

Jekyll and Frankenstein meet for tea at the Tea Room. Jekyll explains that his white father abandoned his mother and him and how his mother died of leprosy -- ironic, given that his mother was metaphorically "untouchable," tainted by her affair with Jekyll's father. Jekyll looks forward to his father's death, when he will inherit land and money. Frankenstein mentions going to Jekyll's lab and Jekyll explains that he works across the street, at Bedlam, the insane asylum.

The door doctors walk over to Bedlam, where Jekyll's subterranean lab is housed. He works on all manner of the worst criminals imprisoned there. Frankenstein is hesitant to bring Lily to such an awful place, wanting a demonstration of what Jekyll can do before he brings her.

Seward and Vanessa reach the end of their session, with Vanessa broken down and in tears. Seward pauses to smoke a cigarette. Before Vanessa leaves, Seward assures her that they will get through this and prescribes that Vanessa do something that will make her happy and report back to her at their next appointment. After Vanessa leaves, Seward is visibly distraught by their session.

The vampire's younger familiar follows Vanessa after her appointment.

Malcolm writes Vanessa a letter, explaining that he is sailing to America wanting to do some hunting. In reality, he and Kaetenay head there to help Ethan. Kaetenay explains that Ethan came to him after having killed Kaetenay's people, wanting Kaetenay to kill and scalp him. Instead, Kaetenay hated him so much he wanted Ethan to live and suffer alongside him. Malcolm understands, likening that feeling to the relationship between him and Vanessa, which started off as mutual hate and became love of a kind. Kaetenay performs a ritual so that they can communicate with Ethan.

Kaetenay appears to Ethan in his dream and Ethan attacks him, warning him not to come near him in life. Kaetenay asks Ethan where he is and Ethan explains that he's being brought to his father, and will end it with him (as one day he'll end it with Kaetenay). Ethan resists Kaetenay calling him an Apache and warns the older man to keep an ocean between them. Kaetenay brushes him off, saying he'll see Ethan presently.

Vanessa attends the zoology exhibit once again. She sits in as Dr. Sweet gives a lecture, answering each of his questions about scorpions and making him smile. After the lecture, they chat and wander around the exhibit, discussing Sweet's job. Sweet explains that as a boy he wanted to be adventurous like Captain Nemo but was not made of such stuff. Vanessa explains that her hero was Joan of Arc, admiring her willingness to die for what she believed in. Sweet again forgets Vanessa's name but they say farewell to one another warmly, with Sweet inviting Vanessa to his net lecture.

Vanessa returns home and looks at the paper, smiling at something she sees.

The young girl rescued by Dorian and Lily wakes up in bed in a clean nightgown. She leaves the room to find Dorian and Lily ballroom dancing alone downstairs. Lily welcomes the girl to her new home, but the girl is only focused on the fact that they killed the men. Lily explains that she was once just like the girl, but for a strange twist of fate. The girl agrees to follow in Lily's steps and Lily promises her a monumental revenge against the monstrous men who used her.

Frankenstein observes as Jekyll experiments on a near-feral, violently deranged man by injecting him with a concoction. The man jerks about violently, suddenly going still. When he raises his head, the man is completely normal and politely requests water, shocking Frankenstein.

Dr. Sweet instructs a man who is performing a taxidermy before he is interrupted with a letter from Vanessa, inviting him for an adventure later that night.

Vanessa and Dr. Sweet go on a date to a show about Captain Nemo's adventures -- 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.' At the same time, back at Dr. Seward's office, Renfield listens to the recording of Vanessa's session that day while sitting alone in the dark.

Sitting in a bar shackled, Ethan observes the moon outside and converses with an elderly Apache barkeep who explains that she was of Kaetenay's family. Ethan asks where "the old demon" is. The woman explains that everyone else is gone, dead or dying, but not Kaetenay. He requests that she leave the room immediately, knowing he is about to turn and not wanting to harm her. Ethan transforms, breaking from his shackles and slaughtering everyone in the room -- with the help of Hecate, who reveals herself in Nightcomer form. She tells Ethan she's missed him.

Vanessa invites Dr. Sweet out for coffee after the show but he turns her down, taking her aback. He explains that the night meant a lot to him and he looks forward to the next time, kissing Vanessa's hand and assuring her he'll never forget her name again. Vanessa walks off on her own, feeling unnerved as she senses the vampire's familiar following her but doesn't see him.

Frankenstein sits alone on a bench across the street from Dorian's home, staring up at Lily through the window and crying. She comes downstairs and gently tries to turn him away, though he insists he must save her from all of this. She denies needing any man to save her and kisses him goodbye, telling him not to come by again because he will not like what he sees she is becoming.

Vanessa returns home. She writes Sir Malcolm a letter, mentioning a few of the zoological facts that she learned from Dr. Sweet. She assures him that she misses him but that she is well. Meanwhile, in the vampire's lair, the familiars hang around as Renfield reports back to Dracula that he has learned about Vanessa and that he doesn't think the doctor believed her. Renfield begs for blood and Dracula obliges him. As Renfield drinks from the vampire, we see that Dracula is Dr. Sweet.

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The wolf is returning to his den.


Now, you are mine.

Lily [to Justine]