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On this week's episode of Perception…

Dr. Daniel Pierce is brought on board a case involving a missing mail order bride.

He and Kate Moretti learn that the mail order bride's husband has face blindness and can't recognize her or his attacker.

Kate and Daniel learn that the man was abusive to his wife and when her cousin visited, the two discovered his condition. The cousin took advantage of him and tricked him into buying her things and giving her money. The wife pretended to be the Ukrainian maid and the cousin became the wife and woman he thought he was having an affair with. When he told her that he couldn't do it anymore, the two got into a fight and he pushed her, killing her.

The dean of the school tries to convince Pierce to help recruit a new professor, but he declines, not liking the man and believing his work to not be very good.

Kate takes the new professor to a baseball game and begins to see him.

Daniel continues to hallucinate.

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