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On the summer finale of Perception...

Donnie wakes up to find himself half naked with his campaign advisor, Shelby, dead.

Donnie can't remember what happened and is arrested before being sent to prison, where he gets a serious beating.

Turns out, the man behind Donnie's campaign didn't like that Donnie wasn't behind his goals and wanted to set him up with a sex scandal. However, Donnie passed out.

A neighbor in love with Shelby tries to express his love but kills her instead, attempting to set up Donnie in the process.

Kate believes Donnie cheated, and their relationship continues to fall apart.

Daniel tries to deal with his father's exploits at the nursing home, including bedding a woman who also has Alzheimer's and claims to have a home owned by a mobster.

Daniel and Kate check it out. The house explodes, presumably with Daniel inside.

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