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On this episode of Perception...

Daniel and Kate hunt down a couple of bank robbers.

One is sick, presumbly beleived to be from eating human flesh. The other, an Australian.

The father of one robber reaches out, hoping to help the FBI. Instead, he discovers his son died years ago, and the two men had been lying to him, pretending his son was alive and taking his money.

The father kills the Australian and is hoping to be put in prison to kill the other.

The sick robber reveals that the father's son died years ago and the two men put him out of his misery before eating part of him.

Meanwhile, Daniel's estranged father comes to visit, hoping to give his son his home. Daniel learns his father has Alzheimer's disease, and while he doesn't yet forgive his father, he is willing to help.

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Perception Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Next time, try talking to an actual human being, preferably one who went to medical school. See! This is exactly the kind of bullshit that comes with people self-diagnosing on the computer.


I like your scarf. Why do you wear it inside? Are you cold?