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On this week's Person of Interest…

It's Reese's birthday and Finch gives him the day off as well as a mysterious key.

Finch attempts to leave Reese out of the case of the abused woman, Sarah Jennings, because of his sensitive past.

Special Agent Donnelly notifies Carter that Reese's blood came up involving the cold case of Peter Arndt. She discovers that Arndt's wife, Jessica, originally had a relationship with Reese.

After Reese was betrayed, he came to look for Jessica and discovered that she was killed by her husband, Arndt. Reese showed up at Arndt's home and kills him.

Reese hunts down Sarah's husband to force him to stop chasing and hurting her.

Carter and Finch fear that Reese may kill Jennings.

Rather, Reese has Jennings put in a prison outside of the country.

Finch gives Reese his card with his name, Harold Wren, on it and an address to a new apartment for Reese.

Reese bumped into Finch at the hospital. Finch knew about Reese's troubled situation.

Person of Interest
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Person of Interest Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Once we become predictable, we become vulnerable.


Kid: What happened to you?
Reese: I think I quit my job.