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On this week's Person of Interest…

A flashback reveals that Jessica calls Reese in need of his help, but before he can go to her, he and his partner Cara Stanton are given orders by Alicia Corwin to retrieve a laptop in Ordos, China.

Agent Snow tells Reese to eliminate Cara because she has been compromised.

In Ordos, they discover that the computer programmers are dead. One tells Cara that "the machine" was taken, but she shoots him and doesn't tell Reese what he said.

Before Reese is about to shoot Cara, she shoots him and tells him of her similar intel against him. The two realize that they have been set up and someone wants everyone who had contact with the package destroyed. A plane flies in and bombs the building.

During present time, the machine comes up with a number for an armored truck worker named Tommy.  Reese becomes a guard for the truck but is shot in the back by Tommy as he steals platinum from the truck.

Tommy is working with Ashley, a girl he was having an affair with, who shoots him in the back.

The corrupt police at HR are going to make a deal for the platinum. Fusco goes along with Captain Lynch and the two find Reese tied up. Lynch kills Ashley but before he can kill Reese, Fusco shoots him in the back with Ashley's gun.

Agent Snow and the CIA continue their hunt for Reese and after believing they've tracked him down, run into the presumed dead Cara Stanton.

Person of Interest
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Person of Interest Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Fusco: I should have shot you and simplified my life.
Reese: Pressure getting to you?

I care about HR, Fusco, not the money. What you do with it is your business.