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On this week's Person of Interest…

A spy posing as a financial analyst named Henry Peck, uncovers information that implies that the government is using illegal activities to stop acts of terror.

Trained assassins are sent to kill him but Reese intervenes.

Peck continues to dig, even contacting Alicia Corwin, before realizing the truth that the fabled "Machine" does exist.

Finch meets with Peck and tells him he created it. He gives Peck a passport and chance to start a new life.

Alicia Corwin is recording and listening to the conversation.

Reese continues to spy on Finch and learns that Finch had a fiance, but chose to give up his love to protect her because of the dangers that surrounded the Machine.

A flashback reveals that Finch and Nathan were preparing to hand off the Machine to the government and Alicia Corwin. Finch was afraid that creating a failsafe could lead to the Machine's abuse, but Nathan went ahead and created one anyway.

Person of Interest
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Person of Interest Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

It's time I know how the machine communicates with you.


Finch: Are you following this?
Reese: Financial analyst. Riveting.